let's start making memories

I'm a girl who thinks a good belly laugh can heal your soul. I love to get my nails done just to see what the color looks like in mud, always up for an adventure. 

I am here for the experience, and you should be too! Why? Well, I capture your experience. My sessions run at a pace that brings you back to yourself with your loved ones. Whether we are exploring a hidden beach or trekking through the bush, I’ll find the beauty in all of it. You feel the engagement within the moment, I simply see that instant and click my shutter.

The experience that becomes the memory. and the photo is the proof of that memory. Something you can hang in your home and treasure forever. Wanna make some fun memories? Bring your dog too!

Hi! I'm Penelope.
i capture the moments you
never want to forget

why i do what i do





No matter how the day presents, we adapt with the ebbs and flows during our session. It’s all part of it! No need to be ‘perfect’ because that’s not really how life goes, does it?

So lets have fun; and capture the giggles and smiles! Let’s chat about what you want in your next session!

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