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Being an expat living in Sydney I understand the importance of time with family. And how family is what you make it. 

That beautiful woman you see just above is my mother. It's my favorite photo of her. I captured this while on a mother-daughter trip in Hawaii. It was a quick click of my shutter that held that moment in time. Living away from her and the rest of my family, I am so glad I can look back and see her.

To me, life is best remembered in the unrehearsed moments. The times when we are just ourselves, with the ones we love.

I'm Penelope.
dog lover.memory maker

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No matter how the day presents, we adapt with the ebbs and flows during our session. It’s all part of it! No need to be ‘perfect’ because that’s not really how life goes, does it?

So lets have fun; and capture the giggles and smiles! Let’s chat about what you want in your next session!

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